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What people are saying about us

  • Given this was our first time getting product designed and manufactured in Mexico we needed solid guidance from a reliable source. We worked with Ezequiel and he was very helpful from start to finish. He created the template for our product, the samples, made modifications, and produced the product so it came out flawless. He also handled all of the import and export responsibilities. When we needed our product produced in a 4 weeks as opposed to 8, he got the job done. I can't speak highly enough about the Ezequiel and the team at Outsourzia. I don't know where we would be without their support. Try them and see for yourself!"
    Michael G. Keating Cloaked to Pride
  • The team at Outsourzia is at the top of the game in their industry. From concept to prototype and to production, Ezekiel and his team get it done. And what I mean is they GET IT DONE and get it done RIGHT! Outsourzia cares for you first and then the project. That is the most important thing when it comes to bringing products to market. I would recommend Outsourzia to inventors and manufacturers out there who truly want a resource that cares for your project, it’s details and it’s budget. They are top notch!
    Kellen Tallada Social Coast tech
  • Ezequiel and Outsourzia have been instrumental in the development of my accessory line and ultimately my brand, with affordable, reliable, high quality sampling and smaller runs of production. I highly recommend them to other small businesses and upstart brands every chance I get.
    Tina Frantz Designs
  • Outsourzia is a trustworthy partner and we strongly recommend them for their services. They helped us throughout the entire process of box manufacturing and kitting, with a full and quick support on each step of the production. There is no language barrier, no extra/hidden costs for shipping or storage and they have great customer support service which made us feel comfortable all the way. They were a reliable and complete solution for our project. Totally recommend.
    Brian Lawe, CEO at dba MyStoreCredit, Inc.
  • Ezequiel helped my publish my first book. He worked with me through the process, communicated between the printer and me to make sure the product looked right after finding one with the best price. He then kept me in the loop and resolved the unforeseen challenges that came about. I’m very pleased with the product we were able to create, especially since this was my first time investing considerable amount of money in a large order of product. My customers were pleased with the quality and I was very happy with the process. Would highly recommend Outsourzia for navigating production especially if you are not experienced.
    Sam Litvin


Outsourzia Main Services

  • Full Contract Manufacturing

  • From developing a manufacturing plan, to delivery of your product in the US, including sourcing materials and production.

  • Product Design

  • We help design your final product for manufacturing and provide real samples product - no prototypes.

  • Production & Supervision

  • Quality control supervised directly by our staff, while you are encouraged to visit the production site.

  • Customs Brokerage

  • We take care of all exportation paperwork, customs, legal issues and logistics.



With Outsourzia as Your Broker in The Manufacturing Process, You Obtain This Unique Benefits

  • We'll take you bu the hand through every step
  • We will be your eyes and ears inside the production at all the times
  • Having a partner that is looking out for your interests because they are our interest too!







Benefits of Using Outsourzia's Mexican Contract Manufacturers

  • Lower labor costs
  • Avoid costly worker's compensation and medical costs increases in the U.S.
  • Eliminate the need of hiring hourly workers directly
  • No costly hiring, training or manufacturing supervision



Key Outsourzia Contract Manufacturing Features

Small Production Runs

With Outsourzia you, huge product orders are unnecessary, can manufacture small orders as needed. 

High Quality, Better Prices

Mexico offers competitive labor costs, high quality standards and overall affordability due to it's proximity to the US.

No Overseas Troubles

Now there's no need to wait for weeks for your products to arrive, no need to pay storage fees or other overseas overhead expenses.

Outsourzia - Contract Manufacturing in Mexico for the USA Main Benefits

No High Shipping Costs

Mexico is right across the border, and bringing your product into the US is more affordable, faster and more likely to arrive on time.

No Taxes with NAFTA

Most of our cross-border contract manufacturing offerings pay no taxes through NAFTA and other international treaties

Visit Your Production 

Now you can oversee your product manufacturing with your own eyes. Come by our factories anytime!

Benefits of Using Outsourzia's Mexican Contract Manufacturers

  • Enjoy the benefits of lower labor costs
  • Avoid costly worker's compensation and medical costs increases in the U.S.
  • Eliminate the need of directly hiring hourly workers
  • No costly hiring, training or manufacturing supervision
  • No need to figure out complex import and export regulations
  • Quick startup, we already have many permits you will need
  • Test the potential of manufacturing in Mexico, without the cost of setting up your own maquiladora or IMMEX
  • You'll be able to transfer trained skilled workers if you choose to start your own operation later on
  • Reduce your manufacturing risks: the manufacturer will assume them

Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution. We DON’T just act as a broker or agent, but actually help and manage our client's production projects through the entire manufacturing process. We do everything it takes to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products. We also offer customs brokerage services to deliver the product directly to you in the US.

Manufacturing Outsourcing Services for Companies in the United States

We help entrepreneurs, inventors, and small and medium businesses gain access to more affordable product manufacturing through factories in Mexico. Outourzia works with a vast network of manufacturing companies.

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Your Personal Helping Hand for Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

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About Outsourzia

Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution.

We're not just an outsourcing broker or agent, but a company that helps businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs through the entire product manufacturing process and do everything to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products.

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