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Outsourzia Customers

Our clients include business owners, manufacturing managers, entrepreneurs, inventors and American factories looking to develop their products. In Mexico they have been able to obtain better quality manufacturing, faster production turnaround times, the ability to oversee their production from time to time, and avoid the costs of shipping and manufacturing overseas.
Industries Served
  • Bagging services
  • Cable assemblies
  • Color matching and sub-contract painting
  • Contract assembly

  • Offset
  • Digital printing
  • Contract packaging
  • Electrical connectors

  • Electronic assemblies
  • Health and Beauty products
  • Printing and publishing
  • Plastic injection molding

  • Steel fabrication
  • PCB boards (Printing Circuit Board)
  • Plastic vacuum forming
  • Silicone Molds

  • Specialty apparel (Textiles Manufacturing)
  • Sports equipment
  • Thermal Forming
  • Toys

  • Contract Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Sublimation
  • Printing materials

  • Silkscreen
  • Labels
  • Machining
  • CNC Work

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About Outsourzia

Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution.

We're not just an outsourcing broker or agent, but a company that helps businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs through the entire product manufacturing process and do everything to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products.

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