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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 00:57

3 Steps of the Manufacturing Process You Hadn´t Thought of Handling in Mexico

    You may have heard a lot about the benefits of Contract Manufacturing in Mexico, and are willing to give it a try. You just don´t know how to go about it, or to what extent Mexico can cover your manufacturing needs.
    There are three essential steps to the pre-production processes, which American entrepreneurs seldom realize can be performed in Mexico:

    1. Building a Prototype

    Building a working prototype is an invaluable step of the manufacturing process. There is no way of knowing if the product is viable until you produce it in an industrial setting, with the same kind of methods that would be used for larger quantities. This is true even if you created an entirely functional prototype in your garage.

    Many entrepreneurs have approached us with an innovative idea, which we were able to test this way. With our workers´ feedback, we were able to offer practical recommendations, which ultimately improved the product, reduced production costs and made for easier manufacturing.  


    • There´s no need to approach a large maquiladora for prototyping; some small workshops offer excellent prototyping services
    • Provide a super-detailed “spec sheet” for the product. Err on the side of caution and include as much information as possible: materials, measurements, finishings
    • If you are still fuzzy on the details, it is worth the money to hire an industrial designer before setting out to produce samples. One of the best-kept secrets in outsourcing is the superb quality of professional work available in Mexico. We can help you find the right industrial designer or engineer for your product, at a fraction of what you would pay in the U.S. f  
    • We recommend going above-and-beyond prototyping and creating actual samples of the product
    • Create at least 5 or 6 working samples of your product
    • Expect to wait anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks -depending on the type of product, for the creation of your samples  
    • One or more prototyping runs may be necessary to turn out the perfect product –budget accordingly

    2. Testing:

    There are two ways to go about testing samples. One is to do it in-house. The other is to have the Mexican manufacturer do it. There are distinct advantages to both.

    By testing in Mexico will avoid having to send samples back-and-forth between the two countries.  Baja´s manufacturing hub is a short 10-minute drive from the San Diego-Mexico border, so having a company representative at this stage is an option.  

    If you decide to run the tests in-house, sending samples back and forth to Mexico is quick and inexpensive (as compared to sending them to China).


    • The Contract Manufacturing agent can take care of the delivery of items to and from Mexico, or indicate you how to do it with minimum hassle.
    • The testing stage will bring to surface any glitches that may have gone unnoticed during the design stage and will help avoid costly and time-consuming surprises. This is when you want to catch those hiccups when they are easier to correct.
    • On each sample production run, you´ll get a slightly different product as the factory may tweak the design or try different materials to comply with your needs
    • If the shortcomings can´t be solved, you may have to go back to the drawing table. Otherwise, you are ready to go!

    3. Finding a Manufacturer

    The nice thing about manufacturing in Mexico (vs. China) is that it does not necessarily entail placing orders in the thousands. You can have a more moderate production (hundreds), by working with local workshops or smaller factories.

    If your production eventually grows to the point where you want to order larger quantities, we´ll help you find a manufacturer that suits your needs.  

    Every manufacturer in our network is reliable, and can deliver quality and service in due time and form.  


    • Though asking other manufacturers for referrals may sound like the thing to do, their input may be of little use unless they work in your industry.  There is an immense difference between manufacturing electronics and clothing.
    • Sadly, people in your industry may not be willing to help. Why would they share information that will grant you a competitive advantage over them?
    • A good solution is finding a Contract Manufacturing broker in the U.S. Not just a rep, but someone who deals directly with Mexican factories. This arrangement provides the security of doing business in the U.S., under U.S. jurisdiction, while benefiting from manufacturing in Mexico.
    • A full-service outsourcing agent will be particularly helpful in navigating the import-export process, which can be quite puzzling if you have no experience (especially the legalities, Mexican “pedimentos” and the various fees).
    • Having a broker help you with the manufacturing process in Mexico is an advantage.

    However, the more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to build a successful business.  Go to our web page and download our FREE Outsourcing Guide:

    Ezequiel Nacach

    Ezequiel Nacach, founder of Outsourzia, is an entrepreneur with 35+ years of business experience in the B2B and B2C worlds. Having owned and managed multiple retail businesses in Mexico, and manufacturing companies in both Mexico and the US, he has a vast knowledge of what it takes create and develop new products. Originally from Mexico City and now living in San Diego, California, Ezequiel helps American inventors and business owners to bring their ideas to life by manufacturing their products in Mexico. 

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