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How It Works

How Contract Manufacturing with Outsourzia Works

We find out what product our client wants to build, we find the correct manufacturing company to make it, the necessary materials to build it, develop a few sample products for approval, then we do the full manufacturing run and then ship and import the products back the the USA.

Outsourzia Contract Manufacturing in Mexico, for US Companies

Outsourzia help you manufacture product samples in Tijuana, Mexico.

Outsourzia Contract Manufacturing, we help you manufacture your product in Tijuana, Mexico.

Outsourzia manufactures your products in Tijuana Mexico, and then delivers them at your door in the US.

  1. Meeting
    We meet with every one of our clients face-to-face in order to understand who they are, what they’re business vision is, their short and long term goals, as well as their overall business strategy and go-to-market plan.
  2. Evaluation
    If the client is a good fit for us, we then evaluate their business goals and develop an outsourcing plan and present it to them for approval. Upon approval, we begin to:
  3. Contact Manufacturer
    Find the best manufacturing company from our network which can meet their needs.
  4. Find Materials
    Find the appropriate manufacturing materials for their budget and product type
    1. a. Getting a range of different suppliers from whom they can choose to buy from
    2. b. We request pricing quotes on our client’s behalf, and present it to them directly – There’s no commissions or hidden fees to us on materials.
    3. c. The client can then purchase the materials they require, or we can purchase them on their behalf. d. We then transport the manufacturing materials to the chosen factory
  5. Prototypes Samples
    We then provide our client with a sample-manufacturing run so they can see an example of how the final product will look like. This isn’t just a prototype, but a real finished product.
  6. Supervision
    Our staff personally organizes, manages and oversees every single outsourcing job we take on.
  7. Approval
    Upon approval of the sample products, we begin the manufacturing process.
  8. Updates
    We provide our client a weekly update of how his outsourcing job is going, and advice them if there will be any delays or if any of the items require their attention. We believe that honest and transparent communication is the key to our success.
  9. Production Samples
    Upon the completion of the first production run, we provide the client with samples of the finished products.
  10. Finished Product Delivered
    Upon approval of the sample, we ship and import the products back to the USA and deliver them to their offices.
  11. Ready for Next run
    Our clients are happy, and ready to order a new manufacturing run!

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Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution.

We're not just an outsourcing broker or agent, but a company that helps businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs through the entire product manufacturing process and do everything to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products.

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