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Freelancer's Directory of People in Tijuana, Mexico & San Diego

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Emprende Tijuana Introduction

Emprende Tijuana is an initiative that ignites creativity and innovation as a source of value for new ventures and surrounding communities.

Our goal is to promote the entrepreneurial culture in our community.

Universities, research centers, companies, organizations, and community members all form part of the Emprende Tijuana Ecosystem.

We believe that Tijuana is not only the perfect strategic location to launch a start-up because of its proximity to the US, but it can also be a gateway into Latin America, and can facilitate exportation to Asia. We also count on incredible talent in engineering, design, and new product development.


Outsourzia Directory


Welcome to Outsourzia's Freelancers Directory!

Our freelancers directory (View here) has been developed with the goal of helping local businesses to hire local talent from the Tijuana & San Diego region.

Tijuana is well known for its great manufacturing capabilities, but it's not yet known for it's services and creative talent. We're here to change that, as we believe that Tijuana, and Mexico as a whole have a lot of new and upcoming creative and technicall professional who have a lot to offer, but have limited resources to get noticed.

Through out directory, we seek to let every freelancer or agency to list their business or personal profile for free and get exposure to the thousands of American businesses who are looking for great talent close to home.

Our company Outsourzia is already helping American small businesses and inventors to manufacture their products in Mexico, so it was just natural that we wanted to also offer our clients the ability to also hire people for service related tasks, most of which can be done from abroad and without the need for physical prescence in the US.


Bienvenido a nuestro directorio de Freelancers

 Nuestro directorio de profesionales independientes (Freelancers) ha sido desarrollado con el objetivo de ayudar a las empresas locales para contratar talento local de la región de Tijuana y San Diego.

Tijuana es conocida por sus grandes capacidades de fabricación, pero aún no es conocido por sus servicios y talento creativo. Estamos aquí para cambiar eso, ya que consideramos que Tijuana y México en general tiene una gran cantidad de nueva profesionistas creativos y técnicos que tiene mucho que ofrecer, pero tienen recursos limitados para exponerse a cliente potenciales.

A través de este directorio, le damos la oportunidad a cada profesional independiente o agencia que crea un perfil personal o de negocio de forma gratuita. De esta manera, podrán exponerse a las miles de empresas americanas que buscan  gran talento cerca de casa.

Nuestra empresa Outsourzia ya ayuda a pequeñas empresas e inventores estadounidenses a fabricar sus productos en México, así que era natural que también ofreciéramos a nuestros clientes la posibilidad de contratar a personas para trabajos de servicios (no manufactura), la cual en su mayoría pueden hacerse desde el extranjero y sin necesidad de presencia física en los estados unidos.

About Outsourzia

Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution.

We're not just an outsourcing broker or agent, but a company that helps businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs through the entire product manufacturing process and do everything to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products.

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