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Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution. We DON’T just act as a broker or agent, but actually help our clients through the entire manufacturing process and do ALL of the work to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products.

Manufacturing outsourcing services for companies in the United States.

We help entrepreneurs, inventors, and small and medium business to gain access to more affordable manufacturing of their products through factories in Mexico. Outourzia works with a vast network of manufacturing companies.


  • Free Contract Manufacturing Evaluation Meeting
  • Manufacturing Strategy & Planning
  • Materials Sourcing & Quoting
  • Product Design & Revisions
  • 3D Prototyping
  • Real Sample Products Prior to Production
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Supervision
  • Production Quality Control
  • Manufacturing Notifications & Reports
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Final Products Delivered in the USA


1. Industrial Design, CAD Drawing & Photo Realistic Rendering

Our team of expert industrial engineers and designers will help you visualize how your product before we build it. This ensures you have a better idea of the final product, and helps you make modifications virtually before production.

View Industrial Design Process

2. Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing

  • 3D Printing Stereo lithography (SLA) offers the most accurate and high-quality 3D printing prototype and is ideal for the verification of any design before committing to production route. Additionally, we offer Fuse Deposition Modeling (FDM).

  • Silicone Rubber Molding or RTV SRM tooling (Silicone Rubber Molds) can be developed and delivered within weeks on short runs or several hindred pieces. Creating of a Silicon Ruber Mold (SRM) can take as little as 3 to 5 days.

  • Prototype Materials Offered plastic, rubber, silicon, metal, fiberglass and carbon fiber

3. CNC Machining

CNC precision machining is generally used for creating parts for your final product, yet it can be used to create prototypes. Our CNC team can create your final products out of a variety of materials.

Metal options include stainless, aluminum, brass, and more. Plastic options includes PP, HDPE, LDPE, PC, ABS, acrylic, and more.

4. Metals Machining Manufacturing

We can manufacture metal sheets, machining, welding, and value added assemblies in different materials including aluminum, stainless steel plastic, brass and copper.

5. Steel and Metal Manufacturing

*Die Casting (Aluminum, Zinc & SS)
*Sheet metal
*CNC Press Brake
*CNC Wire Bender
*Spot Welder
*Chrome Plated Parts
*CAD Plating
*CNC Turret
*Wire Straightener
*Stainless Steel Hardware
*Titanium Nitrating

6. Injection Molding, Vacuum Forming & Aluminum Molds

  • Sonic Molding
  • Hot Stamping
  • Two Color Over Molding
  • Urethane Over Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Multiple Brass Inserts
  • Food Tray Latches

7. Woodwork Manufacturing

Mexico has an extensive network of workshops and factories to cover all of your woodwork needs, including: cutting, lathe for frames, furniture and cabinet creation and more.

8. Plastic Metal and Wood Services

  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Manufacture
  • Capabilities
  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Routing
  • Cutting, Digital Cutting

9. Textiles Manufacturing - Clothing and Industrial Sewing

Our team of fashion designers can help you:

  • Design and create your clothing
  • Find the fabric
  • Make the patterns (manual or digital)
  • Create the markers
  • Cut and sew your products.

10. Electronics &Parts Assembly

  • PCB Boards and Assembly
  • Membrane Switches
  • Cable Assembly
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Interconnect Products

11. Packaging Materials

We can help you save a lot of money by creating your own packaging materials. We can help with the design, printing and assembly.
Professional package displays, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, folding cartons, blisters cards and litho-laminated boxes.

12. Marketing Materials Design & Printing

In today's competitive market, having an outstanding brand is one of the keys to be successful and gain loyal clients.

Outsourzia offers access to a full range of graphic design artists located in Mexico, who can help you plan, design, and create your product's packaging.

Once you approve the design, we can also assist with printing it in Mexico and delivering to your desired destination in the United States.


  • Industrial Design
  • Fashion Design and Patterns
  • Schematics Ready for Manufacturing
  • Casting and 3D Prototyping

  • Printing Materials
  • Packaging Design and Materials
  • Injection Molds
  • Plastics Products

  • Industrial Sewing (e.g., bags, purses, suitcases, backpacks)
  • Leather Manufacturing
  • Woodwork Products
  • Metal Products (Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze etc.)

  • Acrylic Products (displays)
  • POP Materials
  • Advertising Materials
  • Silk-screening, Embroidery and Sublimation

  • Textile Production (clothing, garments fashion accessories)
  • Footwear
  • Cookware
  • Assembly

  • Packing
  • Labels and Decals
  • Painting & Coatings Application
  • Electronic Circuits Boards

  • Electronics and Wire Assembly
  • Furniture
  • Telemarketing
  • Books, Fliers, Packaging Boxes, Banners, Signs and more.)

  • Fitness Equipment and Sporting Goods
  • BBQ Grills
  • Construction-Hardware: Builder’s hardware, Construction Materials
  • Medical and Chemical Products at ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO 9002, and ISO13485 certified factories.

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About Outsourzia

Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution.

We're not just an outsourcing broker or agent, but a company that helps businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs through the entire product manufacturing process and do everything to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products.

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