Design & Prototyping

Our engineers and industrial designers use state-of-the-art technology to go from concept to actual product.


Contract Manufacturing

Outsourzia is a comprehensive contract manufacturing outsourcing solution. We DON’T just act as a broker or agent


E-Commerce Fulfillment

We help you import your products from China with duty-free benefits to avoid new “Trump” tariffs, and then fulfill your orders.

Design and Prototyping


Industrial Design & CAD Drawing


3D Printing & Propotyping


Actual Sample Products

Our engineers and industrial designers use state-of-the-art technology to go from concept to actual product. This includes photo rendering, industrial design and CAD drawing, prototype creation and samples product. This process allows you modify and tweat to arrive at a final viable product, before investing in manufacturing.


Our engineers and industrial designers use state-of-the-art technology to go from concept to actual product. This includes photo rendering, industrial design and CAD drawing, prototype creation and samples product.

  • Industrial Design, CAD Drawing & Photo Realistic Rendering
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Stereolithography
  • Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing
  • CNC Machining
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Die Cast Tooling & Casting
  • Molding
  • Marketing Design and Print


Some of the main benefits of hiring a team of engineers and product designers:

  • Avoid the high-cost of professional industrial design in the US
  • Decrease the cost of their product-development stage
  • Count on the services of talented and highly-skilled designers
  • Take advantage of the most advanced prototyping technology at a fraction of what it would cost in the US
  • Access to a talented, affordable, reliable network of designers and professionals
  • Outsourzia’s direct supervision of your projects in Mexico
  • Access to state-of-the-art prototyping technology
  • A bilingual, bicultural company with offices in the US and Mexico

We Turn Your Project into a REAL Physical Product

We help entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses gain access to high-quality prototyping and product design in Mexico, at a fraction of the price of what it would cost you in the US. Outourzia operates with a network of reliable and highly skilled industrial engineers and designers.

Outsourcing, Contract Manufacturing & Assembly


Sourcing and Quoting


Manufacturing & Quality Control


Custom & Import/Exports Services


Outsourzia is a comprehensive contract manufacturing outsourcing solution. We DON’T just act as a broker or agent, but manage our client’s projects through the entire manufacturing process. We also offer customs brokerage services for direct product delivery to the US.

Who can benefit from Outsouzia´s Contact Manufacting in Mexico?

Mid-sized to large US companies looking for affordable product manufacturing in Mexico.


By relying on us for outsourcing your manufacturing process, you get:

  • Guidance through every step of outsource manufacturing in Mexico, from finding a facility to shipping your products back to the US
  • Hiring and training of local workfoce
  • Assitance and knowledge of the legalities and logistics of the manufacture and import/export process
  • The possibility of visiting production site as often as you want
  • Outsorzia direct supervision of your production in Mexico

Industries who have benefited from our services

Clean Energy
Consumer Products
Metal Mechanics
Medical Devices


What our clients says
  • Tina Frantz Designs
    Ezequiel and Outsourzia have been instrumental in the development of my accessory line and ultimately my brand, with affordable, reliable, high quality sampling and smaller runs of production. I highly recommend them to other small businesses and upstart brands every chance I get.
    Tina Frantz Designs
  • Brian Lawe, CEO at dba MyStoreCredit, Inc.
    Outsourzia is a trustworthy partner and we strongly recommend them for their services. They helped us throughout the entire process of box manufacturing and kitting, with a full and quick support on each step of the production. There is no language barrier, no extra/hidden costs for shipping or storage and they have great customer support service which made us feel comfortable all the way. They were a reliable and complete solution for our project. Totally recommend.
    Brian Lawe, CEO at dba MyStoreCredit, Inc.
  • Sam Litvin
    Ezequiel helped my publish my first book. He worked with me through the process, communicated between the printer and me to make sure the product looked right after finding one with the best price. He then kept me in the loop and resolved the unforeseen challenges that came about. I’m very pleased with the product we were able to create, especially since this was my first time investing considerable amount of money in a large order of product. My customers were pleased with the quality and I was very happy with the process. Would highly recommend Outsourzia for navigating production especially if you are not experienced.
    Sam Litvin
  • C. Van - Kaping, Inc.
    Ezequiel and the Outsourzia team were a key component in helping our business take the next step in mass production. Locating a wood manufacturer is not easy, but Ezequiel searched until he found the right manufacturer for our product. We found his team to be diligent, resourceful, friendly and quality driven and recommend them as a manufacturing partner.
    C. Van - Kaping, Inc.
  • Freddie Garcia
    I am so greatful and thankful to Mr. Nacach on his part of doing his job. Thank you so much Mr. Nacach! Thank you, thank you!!! I am ready to make the next move on the next invention I plan to get worked on through Outsourzia. I thank all of you, with all of my heart!
    Freddie Garcia
  • David H. Friedman, M.D. | Owner, Friedman Medical Instruments, LLC
    Ezequiel Nacach, CEO of Outsourzia, did a great job of sourcing a manufacturer in China for me and then handling all the importation details for my startup company working on our first product. I needed a lot of guidance and he was always available and willing to answer my numerous questions without becoming impatient. When a production problem arose, he expertly facilitated a satisfactory outcome for all parties. I’m looking forward to utilizing his services again when we are ready for our second production run.
    David H. Friedman, M.D. | Owner, Friedman Medical Instruments, LLC
  • CEO, Candle Manufacturer
    It is a pleasure to recommend Ezequiel Nacach and Outsourzia. We found Outsourzia on the Internet when seeking to move our manufacturing to Mexico. We were at first somewhat skeptical starting off the process of evaluating such an important business decision by speaking to a stranger found online, but Ezequiel had excellent follow up and took the time to understand our needs. Ezequiel identified a contract manufacturer for us in Mexico that we eventually contracted with to produce our products. Our new CM has been nothing short of fantastic in terms of price, reliability and integrity. Our expectations have been met and surpassed.
    CEO, Candle Manufacturer
  • Michael G. Keating Cloaked to Pride
    Given this was our first time getting product designed and manufactured in Mexico we needed solid guidance from a reliable source. We worked with Ezequiel and he was very helpful from start to finish. He created the template for our product, the samples, made modifications, and produced the product so it came out flawless. He also handled all of the import and export responsibilities. When we needed our product produced in 4 weeks as opposed to 8, he got the job done. I can't speak highly enough about the Ezequiel and the team at Outsourzia. I don't know where we would be without their support. Try them and see for yourself!
    Michael G. Keating Cloaked to Pride
  • Kellen Tallada Social Coast tech
    The team at Outsourzia is at the top of the game in their industry. From concept to prototype and to production, Ezekiel and his team get it done. And what I mean is they GET IT DONE and get it done RIGHT! Outsourzia cares for you first and then the project. That is the most important thing when it comes to bringing products to market. I would recommend Outsourzia to inventors and manufacturers out there who truly want a resource that cares for your project, it’s details and it’s budget. They are top notch!
    Kellen Tallada Social Coast tech

Assembly Services Provided

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    Sub Assembly & Full integration

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    Turnkey Assemblies

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    Test, pack and ship

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    Work instructions

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    Supply Chain Management

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    Quality Systems

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    Clean Rooms

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    ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and MEDICAL ISO 13485

Products Manufactured by Outsourzia

Sky Dive with Outsourzia is an American contract manufacturing company based in San Diego, California offering quality production, efficient contract assembly, and consistent compliance with manufacturing standards. Our company helps US-based businesses by providing nearshore outsource manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico or other areas of Mexico.

We are committed to our customers and deliver on our promises of quality assurance and competitive cost.


I’m 12,000 feet above the ground, I’m still in shock and asking myself ‘what the hell were you thinking, why didn’t I think twice before putting myself in this situation!’.

I cannot hear much except the two thunderous and ancient engines of this 8-passenger airplane. I had never been on such a small plane. I had been on a Boeing 727, 747, 757 or whatever the number was, but this airplane doesn’t even have a number!

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Contract Manufacturing in Mexico Guide

The Outsourzia guide for outsourcing and contract manufacturing!

An Unexpected and Unconventional Guide

Ezequiel Nacach
Maru Martinez
Fashion Designer
Eden Vargas
Industrial Designer
Francisco Hernandez
Production Manager