E-commerce Fulfillment Services with Duty-Free Benefits

Save 100% tariffs cost and 20% to 40% fulfillment costs on top of that

How to avoid the new tarrifs and dutties on Chinese imports

If you are importing products from China into the Unites States, and you are being hit with the burden of the tariffs that are driving your business out of competition, your fulfillment provider is rising their costs and affecting your profit margins, we have the solution for you:

e-Commerce fulfillment from Mexico.

This solution has been used by US companies for years, now is your turn!

How it works


Your products arrive from China, typically at Long Beach where they clear customs and avoid duty payment by using a bonded status.


We ship your products to Tijuana Mexico to be stored in our Fulfillment center, they are imported to Mexico duty free.


Your customers order from your market place and we receive an electronic transmission of the order (EDI).


We pick, pack, create/attach tracking number and ship your order from the Tijuana fulfillment center.


All products cross to San Diego CA, they avoid duty payment using Section 321 type of import, and are delivered to FedEx or UPS hubs for last mile delivery.


Main Benefits


Avoid expensive fulfillment costs but taking advantage of Mexico labor and storage.


Keep higher profit margins by eliminating duties and tariffs in the entire process.


Your customers will never know the products are fulfilled from Mexico, the ship from address will be an US address.


Your inventory is kept safe and INSURED in the Mexico fulfillment center.


Your lead times will be the same as the Cross Border operation adds just a few hours to the process.


Tijuana is in the same time zone as California.

Solutions & Services

  • Door-to-door Products Fulfillment

    We minimize the impact of these new US “Trump” tariffs by arranging the entire logistics from your suppliers all the way to delivering your products to your customers in the US, while avoiding the high duties as long as each customer order is under $800

  • Delay Paying Import Duties

    If you don’t want to use our Mexican 3PL service, we can store your products in our 3PL centers in the US duty-free, until you make a sale and are ready to ship it to your customers.

  • 3PL Services in the US and Mexico

    Our integrated portfolio of services includes US and Mexican 3LP services for inventory, management, distribution and fulfillment.

  • Licensed Customs Brokers

    We’ve partnered with US and Mexican licensed customs brokers who ensure compliance in all of your operations and with all of our providers.

  • State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure

    Our team owns and operates the majority of our 3PL centers, warehouses, and infrastructure – while our expertise and project management teams deliver tremendous benefits to your business and the bottom line.

Details: Challenge & Solution

Challenge: With the recent tariff increases to imports of products with Asian and specifically Chine origin, many US-based importers and E-commerce businesses have seen a sudden increase in their operations costs that directly affect their business model and profit margins.

Some of these E-commerce online retailers had to pass-on these costs to their customers – by increasing product prices – while others have chosen to absorb the added costs to their operations in order to avoid losing customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Yet, pay for this indirectly by highly affecting their profit margins.

Solution: We help E-commerce merchants like you to avoid these new high tariffs by arranging the logistics from your suppliers’ shipments from Asia all the way to delivering your products to your customer’s door.

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