Contract Manufacturing


Manufacturing Services for US Companies

We help mid-sized and large companies gain access to affordable manufacturing through a variety of contract manufacturers in Mexico. From woodwork workshops to large maquiladoras, we have a vast network of reliable contractors to fit your manufacturing needs in Mexico. Moreover, we will oversee every step of the manufacturing process, until the finished product arrives in the US.


Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

Outsourzia offers a complete contract manufacturing outsourcing solution. We DON’T just act as a broker or agent, but actually help and manage our client’s production projects through the entire manufacturing process. We do everything it takes to turn ideas and visions into REAL physical products. We also offer customs brokerage services to deliver the product.

Contract Manufacturing Areas

CNC precision machining is generally used for creating parts of a final product. Our CNC team can create products out of a variety of materials.

• Metal: Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, among others
• Plastic: PP, HDPE, LDPE, PC, ABS, acrylic, among others

• Die Casting (Aluminum, Zinc & SS)
• Sheet metal
• CNC Press Brake
• CNC Wire Bender
• Spot Welder
• Chrome Plated Parts
• CAD Plating
• CNC Turret
• Press
• Wire Straightener
• Stainless Steel Hardware
• Anodizing
• Titanium Nitrating
• Welding – MIG, TIG, SPOT
• Powder Coating

Outsourzia’s network of workshops and factories can cover all of your woodwork needs, including cutting, lathe for frames, furniture and cabinet creation and more.

• PCB Boards and Assembly
• Membrane Switches
• Cable Assembly
• Wire Harnesses
• Interconnectivity Products

Having an outstanding brand is one of the keys to be successful and gain loyal clients.

• Talented, affordable graphic designers
• Branding
• Marketing collaterals design and development
• Bilingual talent
• Low-cost printing
• Delivery to the United States

Metal sheets, machining, welding, and value-added assemblies in different materials including aluminum, stainless steel plastic, brass and copper.

• Sonic Molding
• Hot Stamping
• Two Color Over Molding
• Urethane Over Molding
• Insert Molding
• Multiple Brass Inserts
• Food Tray Latches

• Digital Printing
• Screen Printing
• Laser Cutting
• CNC Routing
• Cutting, Digital Cutting

Creating your own package materials can save you thousands of dollars:

• Professional package displays
• Cardboard boxes
• Plastic bags
• Folding cardboard
• Blisters cards
• Litho-laminated boxes

Having an outstanding brand is one of the keys to be successful and gain loyal clients.

• Talented, affordable graphic designers
• Branding
• Marketing collaterals design and development
• Bilingual talent
• Low-cost printing
• Delivery to the United States

The Process



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    Photo rendering

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    3D Printing

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    Prototype Creation

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    Sample Production

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    Manufacturing plan development

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    Facility selection

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    Hiring and training

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    Sourcing of materials

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    Production, supervision, quality-control


Full Contract Manufacturing

Why Use Outsourzia for your Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

  • We can take care of every step of the manufacturing process for your company

  • Local hiring, training and supervision

  • Mexico’s proximity to the US allows American companies to visit the production site as often as they wish

  • Operating permits already in place

  • The opportunity of trying manufacturing in Mexico, without the need of setting up your own maquiladora or IMMEX

  • Reduction of manufacturing risks, as the manufacturer will assume them

  • A local ally looking out for your interests (they are our interest as well!)

Key Benefits of Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

  • High-Quality, Low-Cost Labor

    Mexico offers competitive labor costs, high-quality standards and a skilled workforce

  • Avoid The Hassle of Offshore Manufacturing

    Avoid lengthy transportation times, dubious manufacturers, storage fees and other costly hassles associated with Offshore manufacturing

  • Low Shipping Cost

    Lower costs of transportation as compared to offshore CM and more accurate delivery times

  • Tax Breaks

    NAFTA and other international treaties mean most of our contract manufacturing is tax-free

  • Proximity to the US

    Most of our CM facilities are in the Cali-Baja industrial area, a short 30-minute drive South of San Diego

  • No increases in Medical Costs

    No costly worker’s compensation or increases in medical costs (as compared to what happens in the US)

Main Differences Between Manufacturing in Mexico vs. China


Shipping Cost


Small Quantities Orders


Quality Control



  • The difference in shipping cost between Mexico and China has been exacerbated in recent years by the rise in oil prices. The average price differentials to ship a 40-ft. container from Mexico or China to the East Coast is ten times less expensive are represented in figure 2 below.
  • Due to distance, customs, and import transactions, a product´s transit time to China be up to 3 weeks longer than to Mexico.
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows for a fast and efficient flow of goods through the US-Mexican border.
  • Many American companies who order and manufacture their products in China are required to buy and order LARGE quantities. Their offshore operation also lacks supervision, resulting in poor quality and waste of resources. Sending products back and forth from China is not only expensive but time-consuming. As the cost of manufacturing in China grows, and quality control remains an issue, many US companies are looking for other manufacturing solutions –and Mexico is a great alternative.
  • MEXICO boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing (maquiladoras) and affordable production costs. MEXICO’s proximity to the USA provides your company with easy access to quality assurance.

Benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico as Compared to Manufacturing in China

Operational and total market costs in Mexico can be lower than China. The difference between a nearshore outsourcing in Tijuana, Mexico and offshoring to China:

No Cultural Barrier

The cultural barrier makes offshore outsourcing riskier and more complicated. The perceived low cost of offshore manufacturing is often offset by other factors such as unethical business practices, distance and poor quality control.


Sharing a Time Zone

Nearshoring your operation to Mexico means similar geographical, political, historical and cultural backgrounds and the ability to have face-to-face meetings with the contractor.



According to the World Bank, Doing Business 2012 Report, Mexico is the best place in Latin America to run a business. FACT: Mexico is 46 times closer than China.



Tijuana and the State of Baja California have an excellent industrial park and manufacturing facilities infrastructure. Tijuana provides immediate access to the US-Mexico border.


Intellectual Property Protection

Mexico’s commitment to the protection of intellectual property makes Tijuana, Baja California the ideal place to manufacture your goods


Save Money Manufacturing

Mexico contract manufacturing or sub-contract manufacturing is often a solution for companies wanting to enjoy the benefits of Mexico’s highly qualified, low-cost labor. FACT: Labor cost in Mexico is 14.6% lower than China’s.

Contract Manufacturing in Mexico Guide

The Outsourzia guide for outsourcing and contract manufacturing!

An Unexpected and Unconventional Guide